IDIaqua project

International project to promote R&D&I excellence in wastewater treatment in small urban settlements

IDIaqua is a Project coordinated by the Centro de las Nuevas Tecnologías del Agua (CENTA) [Centre for New Water Technologies] Foundation with the participation of 15 partners from Spain and Portugal. The purpose of this initiative is to promote research excellence in the field of wastewater treatment in small urban settlements.

IDIaqua (0066_IDIAQUA_6_E) is a Project financed by the POCTEP Programme (2014-2020) bringing together the following regions: Andalusia and Extremadura (Spain) and Algarve and Beiras e Serra da Estrela (Portugal).

The project span is 30 months and it has a total budget of €3.3M with an ERDF financing of €2.4M.

Participating entities